Beta Club

Haralson County Beta Club

Sponsor: Cheryl Smith

MOTTO:  "Let us lead by serving others."

We are an active club and the members are expected and required to complete service projects as a way of giving back to and serving the community.  In the course of the school year, members must accumulate at least 30 service project points.  This can be done by volunteering to work at our Open House, Fall festivals, Toys for Tots sorting day and/or by donating things such as toys to the Toys for Tots drive.  These are only a few examples of ways to earn your points.

Invitation Only Criteria for Invite - Invited at the end of 10th or 11th grade years - GPA, Have a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 90.0.  Must be a true 90.0 as rounding up from 89.9 etc. is not acceptable.

-GPA, Core/For Lang:  Must also have a minimum 90.0 GPA for Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, & Foreign Languages (levels 1 & 2 only)

-Foreign Language, Level 1 (completed), Level 2 (completed or in the process of completing)-no final grade for a credit/class less than a 70-No significant discipline referrals/issues OR attendance issues

The Haralson County BETA Club is a chapter of the National BETA Club. 
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