Rebel Football 2020 Plan of Action


1.    PPE
a.    Masks will be required at all home games. Everyone who enters the stadium must wear a mask at all times.
b.    Temperatures will be checked for all players, coaches, staff members, cheerleaders and band members twice on the day of every game. (One time prior to school, and a second time prior to the game). Any student athlete with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to participate. Visiting teams will be required to check their players and personnel prior to arrival.
c.    Appropriate signage will be placed around the stadium for everyone’s’ awareness.

2.    Ticket Sales
a.    Ticket sales will be conducted on a pre-sale basis only. Gates will not be open for ticket sales on the day of the event. Parents of all football players, cheerleaders and band members will have the first option to buy tickets. These tickets will be sold on Tuesday and Wednesday the week of the game. Community sales will be held on Thursday and Friday the week of the game. Tickets will be pre-sold in the main gate ticket booth from 3:00 - 5:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tickets will be sold from 1:00 - 4:00 on game day in the same location.
b.    Tickets will be available for families on the north bank. More information to come.
c.    Visitor’s tickets will be sold at the visiting school’s campus. No tickets will be sold at the gate. Unsold tickets and a check will be mailed back to HCHS.
d.    GHSA passes will be allowed. A pass gate will be open for this purpose.
e.    County Employee passes will be for the employee only and must also use the pass gate.

3.    Ticket Prices and Parking
a.    Ticket Prices at HCHS will be $8.00 per ticket. All students or fans school-aged or older will be required to purchase a ticket.
b.    Parking will be $3.00 per car for the main lot.

4.    Seating
a.    Families are encouraged to sit together.
b.    There will be no running and playing on the banks. All students and children will be required to sit with their families.
c.    Seating will be available on the banks. These areas will be marked and sold first come, first served.

5.    Band and Cheerleaders
a.    Visiting bands and cheerleaders will be allowed to attend HCHS football games.
b.    HCHS band and cheerleaders will be in attendance. Band students and cheerleaders must wear their masks when entering the stadium/marching in and out. Masks may be removed while playing instruments or cheering if cheerleaders choose to do so.

6.    Concessions
a.    Concessions will be sold. The concession window on the Home side will be relocated to eliminate crowd congregation.

7.    Field level
a.    The game field will be for authorized personnel only.
b.    Parents and spectators will not be allowed on the field on or after the game.
c.    There will be no crossovers with fans going from one side to the other.

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