School Nutrition

 Lunch Buddies will be available for students that choose to bring their lunch. A Lunch Buddy Menu will be posted along with the regular menus. Lunch Buddies will include a choice of milk, a fruit or vegetable, a grain item and either a yogurt or cheese stick.  Hopefully, this will help the parents having to pack their childs lunch.
Please help us to keep this program going by having your child grab a breakfast and lunch. 
 The goal of the School Nutrition Program is to provide students with quality, nutritious meals in a clean and caring environment.
Pepper Moon
School Nutrition Director
770-574-2500 ext. 41224
Donna Baggett
Nutrition Specialist 
770-574-2500 ext. 41243 

Yvonne Timmons, Cafeteria Manager, Buchanan Primary
Sherry Wilburn, Cafeteria Manager, Tallapoosa Primary
Debbie Smith, Cafeteria Manager, Buchanan Elementary
Pam Garrett, Cafeteria Manager, West Haralson Elementary
Kim Evans, Cafeteria Manager, Haralson County Middle
Michelle Abbott, Cafeteria Manager, Haralson County High

The School Nutrition Program is committed to serving high quality, nutritious meals to students and faculty. We strive to provide good customer service and believe nutrition education is an integral part of the learning process.

All School students will receive Breakfast and Lunch at no cost since we participate in the Community Eligibility Option (CEO).
Health Inspection Scores
Haralson Co HS            5/12/17  100        5/16/18        100
West Haralson Elem.     5/11/17  97           5/13/18        100
Haralson Co MS            5/11/17  100         5/18/18        100
Tallapoosa Pri.                5/12/17 100         5/18/18        100
Buchanan Pri.                  5/18/17   96         5/18/18        100
Buchanan Elem.              5/16/17  98         5/18/18         100

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