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Homeschooling in Haralson County

If you are a parent who is homeschooling or considering homeschooling and would like more information, please use the direct links in the right hand menu.
For homeschooling questions or to suggest additional resources for homeschooling parents, please contact Robin Dockery at 770-574-2500. 

Parent Notification of Online Options

In July 2012, Senate Bill 289 passed allowing students opportunities to take online courses. This legislation does not require an online course to graduate, but provides an online learning option should your student or you choose this option. In addition, House Bill 175 passed establishing a clearinghouse for stakeholders to find online courses and online course providers in the state of Georgia. This letter is to inform you about the key components of each piece of legislation and how to find online learning opportunities for your student.

Overview of Senate Bill 289

  • Districts must notify students and parents of online options beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Districts must allow students to take an online course even if the course is offered in the local district.
  • Online courses can be accessed through the Georgia Virtual School, local virtual schools, or vendor online schools.
  •  If the online course is taken as part of the regular school day, then the school will pay for the course (some limitations may apply). If an online course is taken outside of the regular school day, then the parent will pay for the course.

Overview of House Bill 175:

·        This bill mandates the creation of an online clearinghouse of online courses and online course providers to give parents and students the ability to search the clearinghouse for availability to online courses, online course providers, and guidelines for what constitutes high quality online courses.

Accessing Georgia’s Online Clearinghouse:

The Georgia Online Clearinghouse provides students and parent with information and access to high-quality academic and career-oriented courses, aligned to state and national standards, through a variety of online providers. To access the information found in the clearinghouse go to: http://www.gadoe.org/_layouts/GADOEPublic.SPApp/Clearinghouse.aspx

Step One: Type in the course you need (for example 9th grade Literature)

Step Two: Type in your zip code. You will then see a list of the online course providers in Georgia who have the course you selected. The program provider’s names have been linked for users to access their site for registration information.

Step Three: Utilize the provider’s site to register the student in the selected online course.

Contact the school guidance counselor to learn more about the specific guidelines for online classes in the Haralson County School System.

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